So, here’s the thing…


Sometimes you have a wine blog. Sometimes you take that blog very seriously. Sometimes you visit a great new wineshop, and buy a great bottle of Muscadet. Sometimes you have every intention of reviewing the shop and the wine. Sometimes you get a little tipsy and decide to go to Cha Cha, and then forget to review the wine or the shop.

He Said: The wine shop is awesome, you should all go. The bottle of Muscadet that we bought was also awesome, we will buy another bottle and review it. But sometimes it is better to just be social, enjoy the wine, but not take it too seriously.

Sometimes life is just good that way.

(and, duh, the image of the bottle isn’t Muscadet. We just liked the editorial comments on the chalkboard. The wine we drank was Muscadet, Sévre et Maine sur Lie, Domaine de la Pepiére 2007)

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  1. Savita says:

    Is it just me or are the bottles with the really “designed” labels seldom reflective of the wine inside?

  2. Savita says:

    ps. sorry we interrupted your wine review. kicking ass in foos was way more fun ;)

  3. Jill says:

    Guys, you are too nice. Damn my Google alerts for not letting me know this written, what, more than a week ago?! I’m usually not so impolite.

    So happy you enjoyed the store, the wine, and I hope to cross paths soon. Perhaps we will even share a bottle of Muscadet together. Perhaps!



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