Wine Web Wednesdays

Hall of Famer Randall Grahm, we’ll see you in a couple of days; Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving. Image courtesy of Ron Wurzer/Special to The Chronicle, 2007.

He gets around: Tupac on a wine blog. We approve.

Maybe we will become a hip hop wine blog: Lil Jon is making wine, bitches.

Great idea: but maybe say “inexpensive” or “value” wines. That’s just our cheap $0.02

De Stijl-ed Wine: Great minimalist wine labels.

Gift Guide: If you happen to be friends with the Jetsons.

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  1. tricerapops says:

    you guys are on fire with the hip-hop wine connections. something i’ve been meaning to do is go through my mental rolodex and highlight all hip hop lyrical references to wine over the years. maybe i’ll get to that as i digest this weekend’s holiday meals. bravo for the sadat x finds as well.

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