“Bacchus & Me” and I

Aside from a slew of guidebooks and The Omnivore’s Dilemma on CD, I brought 2 books to read on the trip: Bacchus and Me and Wine and War. Initially I was reading Wine and War and really it is just OK. I’m gonna give it more of a chance, but I’m 50 pages in and I haven’t been hooked yet.

Opposite for Bacchus & Me. It’s a rather quick read (I’m more than halfway done in 2 short pre-sleep sessions). I love McInerney’s writing. I always have. I like it even more when he is writing about wine. My favorite quote thus far:

When writing Grüner Veltliner as the perfect vegetarian wine:

“Like girls and boys locked away in same-sex prep schools, most wines yearn for a bit of flesh.”

I really enjoy the laid-back (though intelligent) way the book is written; the wine comparisons to Lennon & McCartney, admitting he gets too drunk to sometimes remember the details, and of course I always appreciate a reference to Prada shoes or suits.

And I learned something. McInerney posits that German and Austrian labels are notoriously confusing.  Yesterday when wine tasting I saw the term Kabinett on a bottle of Austrian Gewürtztraminer, I knew what it meant.

But who is this Helen Turley person that McInerney seems to be so gaga about?

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