His favorite: it’s quiz time

Tasting is an essential part of The Wine Education, obvs, and we do a lot of it. But beyond all the slurping we are also learning (Him) and reviewing (Her) about growing regions, grape varietals, vinification, the history of wine, etc.

Our ritual is to read to each other from various wine books (typically He slowly reads aloud and She interrupts Him with additional facts, asides, or questions) and then we taste a bottle or four described in the chapter we’ve read.

To gauge how well He is retaining the facts not just the flavors of wine, She gives him quizzes. So far He’s done…okay. (See Quiz #1 and His answers, Quiz #2 and His answers, Blind Tasting #1 and His answers.)

Here’s the latest quiz: a review of Class Two from Kevin Zraly’s excellent book Windows on the World, Complete Wine Course. Topic: “The Wines of Washington, Oregon, and New York / The White Wines of California.”

Good luck.


(Correct answers posted in the Comments of His response.)

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