Quiz #3: Answers

quiz 3

So this quiz sat around for awhile. It got some wine spilled on it, torn a bit, wet… but finally answered, if only partially. She has since told me the answers and here are my comments:

1. Pinot Gris was a guess. Riesling is one, but I thought California was too cold to grow Riesling

2. I should have known Walla Walla and Columbia Valley. I just forgot. I have had Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling, should have known this.

3. It’s 15% not 20%. Fair enough. I knew it was small.

4. ’49, gold rush, should have maybe put that together.

5. I didn’t know who gave it the name, but knew it was SB.

This test was actually fun.

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  1. @nectarwine says:

    Oh, so sad – Washington AVA’s Lake Chelan, Columbia Valley, Rattlesnake Hills, Red Mountain, Yakima Valley, Walla Walla, Columbia Gorge, Horse Heaven Hills, and Wahluke Slope – come on man – show some love! ;)

    Test looked fun. You did better than I would have on most of the questions.

  2. Leighlan says:

    Again, I definitely would be looking at a C+ a best, but I would have answered “Chablis” as the answer to the fourth major grape variety of California, according to my first major wine mentor Orson Welles (Hearty Burgundy being the fourth major red variety).

  3. Leighlan says:

    Just a little joke about the Paul Masson wine campaign 35 years ago.

  4. Him says:

    @nectarwine I’m showing some love by drinking a Cab from the Columbia Valley right now. Cheers.

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