The Hottest Toddy

hot toddy

It’s cold, err, it’s California cold. We tried red wine. It worked until we actually had to put on scarves. Then we had to bring out the big guns, which in this case means boiling what we drink.

As is our style, we kinda half used recipes, half winged it (which is also carrying over to the “quesadilla-casserole” that She is currently making). It ain’t too exact, but that’s how we like it.

Here is our recipe for Hot Buttered Rum Toddy Un-exact Whatevs:

1 Stick of butter
1 Cup of Sugar (we didn’t have brown, so we used regs, whatevs)
Some Cinnamon
Some Nutmeg
A Little Salt
Like 2 or 3 splashes of whiskey.

Mix all that shit together and put it in the fridge. We have an old school analog-crank-mixer, don’t recommend it; use a wooden spoon (taste it, if it’s good, it’s done).

Boil some spiced apple cider (Trader Joe’s has a good one).

Boil some water.

After the butter-sugar stuff is kinda hard, put a large dollop in a mug. Put a cinnamon stick in too.  Fill that mug halfway up with rum. Add a splash of Maker’s Mark whiskey. Fill the mug almost up with the boiling water. Add a little bit of boiling apple cider. I added a little bit of unsalted butter for richness.

Drink. Enjoy. Be careful; these things are strong. I’m pretty drunk after two of them.

But pretty sure I’m having two more.

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