Wines of Note: the kind of chill we like

The weekend before Christmas is not Los Angeles at it’s best. Sure, it’s 80 degrees outside and the sun is shining…but oh, the humanity. Traffic is insane and people are honking and yelling at each other through open car windows. Yeah, “Merry effing x-mas to you too,” jerk that cut us off at the light.

Stay off the roads. And out of shopping malls. And…far, far away from Whole Foods in Glendale.

We went shopping for our road trip (the car leaves at 7 a.m. tomorrow…sure) and it was a nightmare. Ostensibly, the wine we are enjoying right now (reviewed below) was to pop open after the eight plus hour drive to our cozy wigwam in Arizona. Instead, we had to pop it open immediately to take the Holidays-Are-Hell edge off. This crisp, delicious Vermentino is working its magic.

Vermentino, Maremma Toscana, La Selva 2007 ($11.99)

She says: Bright, translucent with a slight golden hue. Acid apparent immediately on the nose. Lemon and lime zest, some minerality, unripe pear, and wafts of a salty ocean breeze. In the mouth there is a zing and frizannte. Refreshing, crisp, and delightful. Citrus, wet stones, flinty. Feel so much better already. Tastes like summer. And with this weather, it practically is.

He says: Shiny golden-green. Lemon and citrus on the nose and I think for the first time I understand the term “minerality”. Very crisp and even prickly in the mouth, but light. Certainly refreshing after a long day of packing on this blisteringly hot December day. It makes me want seafood.

Facts: Finding background information on this particular bottle was a bit tough…and mostly in Italian. Here’s what the back of the bottle says:

“La Selva winery grow its grapes in the Maremma area of Tuscany, vineyards rich in an Etruscan heritage. The organically grown grapes cultivated by Karl Egger are handpicked, then gently pressed to bring this delightful wine to your glass. Ideal with fish and seafood, as well as veal and poultry. Perfect as aperitif wine. Serve chilled.”

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