Rose Bowl & Rosemary

Nearly three weeks on the road means we are in desperate need of reuniting ourselves with our gym membership. This afternoon we donned our snuggish sweats and headed out.

But why was our usual 10 minute drive to Equinox in Pasadena taking soooo long. And why were we seeing so many people in orange shirts with cow horns on them?

Oh. Is it the Rose Bowl today?

We finally made it, did our sweat thing and took surface streets back to Silverlake. And in our starving-must-eat-something-right-away mode, quickly made a big salad and popped open a bottle of wine (we were thirsty too): an inexpensive Pouilly Fumé by Caves des Perrieres from Trader Joe’s ($8.99).

The salad was quickly and greedily consumed and we continued to munch on a few Wisecrackers’ Roasted Garlic with Rosemary Low Fat crackers. Suddenly he says, “These crackers really don’t pair well with the wine.”

Wow. His first food pairing declaration.

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