Tasting taskmaster

I tend to be the bossy one in our duo when it comes to wine…because, well, I know more about it.

When at a restaurant the wine list goes to me. When at a wine shop I make the first picks. When at home tasting and taking notes, I set the rules (#1: no talking). When researching about wine, He reads aloud and I interrupt. He gets quizzed. He has to taste blind. It’s fun being the one who makes the rules.

This said, I was shocked (shocked) when He made a rule of his own on Monday: “No drinking before 7:00 p.m.”


This was seriously going to interfere with my wine and cocktail indulging, er, education.

True, we had a few too many “breakfast wine” mornings last week while in New York. And yes, being hungover at four in the afternoon is no fun. Oh, and our jeans we’re feeling a little snug. And, oh yeah, we’re grown-ups, not teenagers–act accordingly.

All the reasons were right, but it felt so wrong.

After initial protests and exclamations and some foot stomping, I finally agreed. But first I did a little negotiating and got Him to make 6:30 the imbibing hour. And weekends don’t count. And…this one is going to save me, I hope: if someone offers us a drink before 6:30, we can accept it. Don’t want to be rude.

So next time you see me, please, offer me a drink.

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  1. sharon eastman says:

    duly noted!

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