Quiz time: what She could drink everyday edition

(what is a handwritten typo called?)

Thinking of Valentine’s Day and what to drink, like so many others I choose Champagne. Oh how I love Salon. Then again, in the spirit of the holiday, maybe a Nicholas Feuillatte rosé would suit me better. And then I started thinking about how nice it would be to receive a box of delicious, decadent dark chocolate…so perfect with a luscious, nutty Madeira. Or a tawny Port. Which made me think about PX and having a generous pour over vanilla bean ice cream. Bubbles and sweets and sweet wines on my mind.

When I proposed a Champagne, Port, Sherry, and Madeira wine lesson and quiz He wasn’t as wooed as I was. In fact he yelled at me. “What??? That’s too much. No way.” So back to Champagne.

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