Pillow Talk

The Mentor and the Mentee

She said: I know more about wine and have a more refined palate than He does. I’m not being braggy: it’s the truth. This fact is the motivation behind the blog: it is a forum for me to reintroduce myself to the wine world and for Him to learn about it. We’re five months in and what has become increasingly clear is: He’s a fast learner. Or, at least, He is quickly learning how I taste wine. More often than not there are similar descriptors in our tasting notes. We have a strict “no talking” rule when tasting as to not influence each other. (And by We, I really mean Me–it’s my rule. No talking, no research, no reading the label. Shut up and taste.) And yet in the last few weeks our tasting notes are becoming more and more aligned. He’s advancing to the next level. Or at least, my level.

He Said: Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.” Only he said it in a different language that I don’t speak. Also, there are a lot of “ess” sounds in that sentence. Did gay men have lisps in the 15th and 16th centuries?

Anyhow, as the story goes (which I believe to be lore) LdV’s mentor, Andrea del Verrocchio resolved to never touch a paintbrush when he saw the work of young LdV. I’m not implying that you have to stop drinking wine. Actually, I don’t know what I am implying. I wonder if da Vinci was fucking his mentor too?

She said: I don’t know what you’re implying either. Or even saying, really. But what I am implying is that you: 1. are a quick study 2. need to get your own wine tasting descriptors. And…the nature of the blog is transitioning.

I started the topic and sound like an overly serious dolt compared to your sex and daVinci line. You go next.

The Hazards of the Job

He Said: Both of Us have been to design school, where it is essential that one dives head first into projects and takes each job very seriously. I mention school, and not the professional world, because money isn’t exchanged for work. My point is that even though we aren’t making any money from Swirl Smell Slurp, We both take it somewhat seriously. It is a job, albeit quite a fun job. But on some of the nights that we have to taste 4 or 5 wines, I can get quite drunk. And, I’m totally fine with getting drunk when it’s planned; but accidentally getting drunk on a Sunday evening is a hazard of this job.

She said: Occupational hazard. Or non-occupational-but-take-drinking-wine-seriously hazard. Maybe We should start spitting more. Or skip the gin and tonics in between bottles of wine.  I’m not sure I believe “accidentally getting drunk” is a truism, but yeah, you did get kind of drunk last night. That da Vinci scenario you mentioned earlier didn’t happen.

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  1. Don’t spit!! Bag the gin and tonics, for sure, though…

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