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Now that’s creative reuse. The recycling bin will be a lot less full from now on. Via re-nest.

A trend we can’t toast too…and neither can the “hegans,” apparently, booze is off limits. We’re all for going to the gym, but just so We can be more gluttonous.

“‘Do you mean creamy, buttery dry or grapefruit dry?” Small wine shops get well deserved props (including a favorite local one of ours: domaineLA).

That’s Gott to be the worst re-branding ever: Taylor’s Automatic Refresher changes its name.

Why We drive ourselves when on a Silverado Trail tasting tour: limo drivers are drunks.

Finally, do you follow “8 Rules for Visiting Tasting Rooms“? Here’s how We stack up:

  1. We always pregame (but never with Coors Light, typically with wine).
  2. We probably take more than our share of the crackers from the little basket most tastings rooms provide.
  3. We only spit when we don’t like the wine, but pours are typically very small so it’s not as though We’re boozing it up.
  4. See above. We typically don’t get drunk. At tasting rooms, that is. (And, as mentioned the previous link, you should totally beware of hiring a limo to drive you around.)
  5. True that. But We also hate it when the tasting staff gives us TMI–We’ll make our own tasting notes, thanks.
  6. Bar hogs are the worst. As are chatty, schmoozing pourers. If a tasting room is two deep at the bar, We turn around.
  7. True, but We are paying guests.
  8. See above. It’s pretty rare We don’t walk away with at least one bottle if We’ve enjoyed the tasting.
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  1. Her says:

    Another good read: deductive wine buying. via @TweSommelier

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