Wine Web Wednesdays: Fermentation Emancipation

We had not thought (or cared) much about wine shipping laws until We began United Slurps of America. Now we realize it could be a huge thorn in the side of our project. Neither of Us are law experts, but I assume this law is in place to “protect” those under 21; or an outdated holdover law from the days of prohibition. But common sense says that this is stifling small winemakers in states with tougher shipping laws. And really, just require a damn signature and ID to accept the shipment. Isn’t it just that easy? Our conversation went something like this:

She said: Frankly, I don’t think teenagers are searching out obscure varietals from small artisan wineries out of state to get fucked-up on.

He said: Right, that’s for us adults to do.

Here are some links to people who understand this issue a little bit better than Us.

Tom Wark’s Manifesto: It’s long, but read it. Really do.

Hungover Bureaucracy: “PA’s disgraceful liquor laws.” We actually had no problem with getting wine from PA.

Free The Grapes: Get involved, sign the petition.

Wine Without Borders: Really all the info you will ever need.

Bookmark This Link: If you decide you want to break any of these laws.

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  1. Joe says:

    I can’t imagine, and I applaud your efforts. We’ll resort to dirty tricks and backdoor shenanigans if necessary to get you your wines!

  2. Jake says:

    You are certainly going to have a problem with Maryland wines. The state does not allow wineries to ship to either internal or external customers. Bills in the state legislature this year are designed to change that, but do not look like they are going to pass. I hope you are able to get some Maryland wines. Many are pretty good and they are making strides with Cabernet Franc and some white blends.

  3. Yep, I feel ya guys. Shipping out of PA ins’t the problem, it’s getting direct to consumer shipments being received in PA that really sucks. Everytime I order wine, I have to take a drive to NYC to visit my Grandpa and pick up some shipments haha.

  4. Sean O'Keefe says:

    I hope you received the wines intact?

  5. Her says:

    Sean we haven’t received the wines yet…hopefully today is the day. We’re really excited about the MI tasting. Shannon at got his wines, so if all goes well we will have the post up late Sunday.

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