Wine Web Wednesdays: Sin Tax Error

(via TONX photostream on Flickr)

We have no problem paying taxes, but this ballot initiative proposed by Josephine & Kent M. Whitney is just ridiculous. It would raise taxes on alcoholic beverages in California by more than 12,000%. To put this in understandable terms, a 12-pack of Bud Light would now cost as much as a Honda Accord. Haven’t these people ever heard of moderation.

Extra Dry Reading: The details of the initiative on ballotopedia.

7 Buck Chuck?:  Dr Vino’s take.

People are scared: Some pretty funny comments on LAist.

Drunk Email the Whitneys your complaints.

On a much cheerier note: We are anxiously awaiting the opening of Bar Covell in Los Feliz by the man striking a very Los Feliz pose above with partner Dustin Lancaster and snacks from Heirloom LA‘s Matthew Poley.

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  1. He/She,
    I have to say that this is outrageous, even by California standards! what ever happened to raising the tax marginally? I could accept a reasonable increase but not 12000%. Not to mention that lets screw everyone that drinks alcohol because of the stupidity of the “Few”!


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