Quiz 5: We’ll see how much He missed this

Believe it or not, He actually asked for it. And I’m happy He did.

Over the last couple of months We’ve fallen out of the wine ritual that prompted us to start this blog. We would pick a chapter in any of the various wine books We collectively own, buy a bottle of wine from the region or grape varietal discussed in the book, and then have a mostly serious tasting and discussion about the wine. Once We started the blog, We would often incorporate the ritual into our Big Mac’s Mondays and Wines of Note posts. Every few weeks I’d quiz him on the chapters We had tasted and read. Sometimes He got really into and did very well on the quiz. Other times He did not (and accused me of being mean). Either way, the quizzes were a useful way for Us to both review what We had read and tasted.

This reading/drinking/discussing/quiz ritual has been been missed by Us both. We’ve vowed to reestablish it into Our wine education, starting with a general quiz for Him, covering some of what We’ve studied so far.

Good luck. (And I have about twenty more questions I wanted to include, but that actually did seem mean.)

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  1. Her says:

    And…as usual, this quiz is not open book.

  2. Joe says:

    I’ll post my answers…just edit out the comment if you didn’t want others to see:

    1) Know nothing about your Sunday Salon theme, but those first two are from the Loire, prompting me to guess (because of your love of crisp whites) that the other two were Muscadet and Sancerre.

    2) yeast + sugar = carbon dioxide + alcohol

    3) I don’t know if I can narrow California down to 5, but I’ll say Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel

    4) Chambourcin/Cab Franc? and Barbera/Sangiovese?

    5) 80%/cuvees/usually

    6) Mouton-Rothschild

    7) Washington/Columbia Valley

    8) Sauvignon Blanc

  3. Her says:

    Very good, Joe. He better not have cheated and looked at your answers.

    #3: WHITE grapes.

    #4: one of your answers is correct

  4. Joe says:

    d’oh. Missed the white part.

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