Wine Web Wednesdays: 421

Most Young Kings get their head cut off: Awesome design, and He loves it because of His surname and His affinity for public nudity, but that box looks a little too reminiscent of a guillotine for a King. (Painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat)

The day of the most annoying Facebook status updates?: Evidently yesterday was some sort of stoner holiday. We drank wine, as per usual.

And the Mike Brady award for winery design goes to…: We agree with most of the buildings on this list. And Dominus really is so great.

Click on “One for all, all for one”: If only my professor would have used wine to teach physics in college, maybe I would have understood it.

The Minor Fall, The Major Wheeze: Balk’s concern that allergy season is going to effect his drinking habit.

But only for Him: Because no self-respecting woman would ever use a wine opener. (Despite the strange gender bias, We totally want one.)

But only for Her: Possibly the worst packaging We’ve ever seen, it looks like a girly Kleenex box. (Despite the terrible gender marketing and design, We totally want some.)

Can We make the interns do that?: Super great, but We ain’t cutting 175 wine corks in half.

I assume this costs more: This reminds Him of the time He ordered Dom at a bar in China. It was delivered on a platter with sparklers and fireworks. It cost roughly $9 US.

Cool, but…: $12 shipping (!) and severely overpriced, but the real problem is the crowded USB ports on Our MacBook Pros won’t accommodate the size. And did We mention $12 shipping for something that weighs like 5 oz?

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