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It’s true, I haven’t been an active participant in Swirl Smell Slurp for the past week. I had to go to Atlanta to oversee the beginning of construction of a skatepark I designed. But to be fair, while I wasn’t overseeing I was doing plenty of R&D (research & drinking) for this here wine blog.

The park is being built in the underground storage space of a closed down Niketown in Phipps Plaza Mall. One afternoon as I was leaving the mall to go back to my hotel I noticed (to my delight) a wine bar / wine store called The Grape. I really didn’t have high expectations for a wine bar located in a mall, but I really wanted a glass of Sauvignon Blanc after I walked in the godawful heat to my hotel.

I went into the store section first and was quite impressed with their selection. I couldn’t decide what I wanted and the woman working the store told me to go to the bar and have a couple of tastes of this and that. There were two very cute and knowledgeable young women working the bar and when they noticed that I at least kind of knew what I was talking about, started making suggestion after suggestion and pouring me taste after taste. Once again I was delighted.

I had no plans on buying a bottle of red but when I tasted the Juan Gil Monastrell 2007, I had to buy a bottle. Really great and only $13. My favorite white they plied me with was a Chateau Bonnet Sauvignon Blanc 2008, and I bought a bottle of that too. I really enjoyed both bottles and they hit the spot after working all day in a hot basement inhaling sawdust.

It’s kind of a business expense, right?

When I returned to LA, I had 2 days to CNC mill and build a bar I designed for the City Listening event, part of Dwell Magazine’s design week (or whatever it’s called). I had to work at breakneck to get it finished, but I did and I am very pleased with the outcome. It also counts as R&D, I mean, there was wine on the bar at the party.

For more photos, go here. I have some ideas about making this into a bar and a wine rack. Want a custom one for your home or restaurant / bar? Email me.

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  1. Matt says:

    I’ve had good luck with that Juan Gil Monastell in the past…

    The Grape’s not a bad little spot- always some interesting wines there. Enjoy the stay in ATL and best wishes for the skatepark project.

  2. That Juan Gil Monastrell is a darn good bottle. Me likey, too:

  3. Decor Girl says:

    Hmmm, I’m liking that bar… very cool. Great story. I like your writing.

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