List w/o Commentary: two days of indulgent eats/drinks

Tuesday breakfast:

  • Us: French roast coffee (on stove top percolator)

Tuesday lunch:

  • Him: 6 inch turkey and Swiss cheese on Italian bread with light mayo (at Subway)
  • Her: salad leftover from night before with Krugermann’s pickles (at Her house)

Tuesday night dinner at Canelé:

  • Us: Chateau Cadillac, Bordeaux Superieur 2006
  • Us: L. Preston, Red Table Wine, 2006
  • Us: “Friends Cook at Canelé” with guest chefs Samantha Peale and Michelle Huneven, featuring bleeding beets and soft lettuce salad; skirt steak, white beans, greens, and roasted corn; boysenberry pie with cinnamon ice cream

Tuesday night nightcap:

  • Us: Cactus cooler, Skyy vodka, and lime cocktails (at Her house)

Wednesday breakfast:

  • Us: French roast coffee (on stove top percolator)

Wednesday afternoon lunch at Little Next Door

  • Us: Chateau Haut-Rian, Bordeaux Blanc 2009
  • Us: Mediterranean Spread: baby artichoke dip, romesco, hummus, tatziki, greens, pita
  • Him: Croque Madame
  • Her: Smoked chicken salad sandwich

Wednesday evening aperitif:

Wednesday dinner:

  • tbd
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