Putting an “I” in Team

On Friday afternoon He was in some dusty downtown Los Angeles building putting together a bar He had designed for a party the next day. I hadn’t seen Him in nearly a week, because He had just gotten back into town from Atlanta, where He was overseeing construction of a skate park He designed. Sure, all this work is a good thing, but it means that I have been steering (drinking) the Swirl Smell Slurp ship solo. For what feels like weeks now my boozing and blogging partner has been M.I.A.

Back to Friday: out of what seemed like nowhere our Twitter feed, Facebook page, and inbox became chock-full of congratulatory messages. What? Much to our surprise and complete delight, We had won “Best New Wine Blog Award” at the Wine Blogger’s Conference 2010 in Walla Walla, Washington. I sent Him a text and then went straight to the frig to open a celebratory bottle of Champagne. I raised my glass and bellowed out: “Cheers to Us!” But wait, where was He? I had a gulp, and started over: “Cheers to me!”

Since I’ve been doing all the work around here, I have temporarily taken Him out of the picture (with my favorite pink Sharpie) and demoted Him to wine steward/cleaner of my dirty glasses/ cellar rat.

We I am thrilled to accept this award. We I am truly honored (and a bit baffled). We I appreciate the tremendous support of our readers.

Our My hearty congratulations to all the winners. What amazing company We I am in.

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  1. Kate says:

    Ouch. Trouble at home, eh? What’s that saying? Absence makes the heart grow fungus?

  2. Joe says:

    well deserved! wish you all could’ve been there.

    where’s the skate park?

  3. Kristi Davis says:

    Fantastic! Congrats to you (both)! :)

  4. Chad says:

    I TOLD YOU that you had the spiffiest looking wine blog that I had ever seen! :) Kudos!

  5. Her says:

    I thank you for the congrats, everyone. (He’s busy in my kitchen, washing my week’s worth of wine glasses–but he shouted out a thanks too.)

    Joe–the park is private, in the basement of Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. It’s for Stevie Williams and his Dirty Ghetto Kids crew.

  6. Josh Wade says:

    Congrats guys! You have done amazing work and I look forward to seeing where it will take you!

    @nectarwine on twitter

  7. Tia Butts says:

    As one of the mystery judges for these awards, though not in this category, I was thrilled. Love your blog. Very excited for you and congratulations!


  8. Jana Baumann says:

    Makes a mamma proud! Well deserved! You are rewarded for being creative, and being serious about being creative.

  9. Shesips says:

    Congrats again! So happy we found your blog!

  10. The best blog won and I could not be happier about it!

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