No Next of Kyn

The reason I missed out the latest Sine Qua Non offer: I was sipping bubbly and getting a Minx mani when the email landed in my inbox.

The offer was sent to both the SQN mailing list and waiting list, with the first 300 respondents being rewarded an allocation. The rest of us suckers, regardless of how long we’ve been on the mailing list (me: day 1–I created it), or how many thousands of dollars we’ve spent (say the college education of one of MK’s kids) are out of luck.

Upset? Yes. But damn, those nails look good. And the toes are a lovely Rhone-ish red.

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  1. Matt says:

    What a crazy picture. It looks like a tiny little person is working on your nails.

  2. Her says:

    She’s working on my toes at that point. Must not have rough feet.

  3. Annapolis J says:

    Sorry you missed out. Come out to the DC area sometime and I’ll pop plenty of SQNs. And how can I wrestle one of those Queen of Hearts from you? I know you have a stash!

  4. F. Scott says:

    I was shocked to have actually jumped in time to get on a mailing list early. Seems we are always late to the gam, but I’ll take it!

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