List w/o Commentary: excuses for not posting

  • WordPress hacker Johnny A infiltrated all of our sites
  • Google put Swirl on a list of sites that will kill your computer
  • We hate Johnny A and hope his fingers catch on fire every time he touches his keyboard
  • We are overwhelmed by the empties which are rapidly piling up
  • sometimes drinking wine is easier than writing about it
  • He has just started a fancy new job at a university that requires him to be (mostly) hangover-free
  • some weeks are more vodka-y and bourbon-y than wine-y
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  1. Kimberly says:

    Well, I can totally relate to your first reason there for not posting. A virus attacked my computer this week, and I literally spent my last dollar (or $200) gettting the damn thing removed and protection added. I felt the white hot burning heat of hatred for the person that would perpetate such a thing, but it did, at least, give me a couple of computer-free days to contemplate what I would write about next!

    I am just on my way out the door now to dispose of my own empties, on the way to the store to purchase a few more fulls. ; )

  2. Brian says:

    1. Damn the hackers! May they catch the virii they spread (and worse).
    2. D’oh
    3. Agreed
    4. I feel that!
    5. No doubt, Writers block sux.
    6. Congrats!
    6. mmmm…. Bourbon


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