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This time last year We were planning our Big Awesome Road Trip 2009. It was quite a ride: a rambling six weeks on mostly backroads to Dallas and back. We ate and drank our way through the Southwest and almost all of what We sampled was great. One of the culinary highlights was Marfa. Yes, We Marfa.

Shockingly there’s lots of to indulge in in this little out-of-the-way town. It’s not just about art, but there is also great shopping (Prada anyone?), especially food and booze-wise at The Get Go Grocery. It’s a wonderfully curated market offering both the essential and the unexpected.

We fantasize about opening our own such shop with our couple friends M & D. We’d offer homemade pies, crispy pickles, rose water, kick-ass wine, kitchen essentials like my favorite wooden reamer, Have-a-Corn-Chips, doggy milk bones, and all the other stuff we love. Great, right? But what to call this sweet, everything is unique boutique? After much debate we decided on Shit We’re Into. Like I said, it’s a fantasy. (Sorry for the profanity–I know this is usually a family blog.)

As our ongoing plans evolve (locals can keep their coffee cups in the shop, organic flour and grains will be sold in bulk, have music/theatre/comedy performances), just about everything (meaning: all shopping, arting, eating, and drinking excursions) become research for Shit We’re Into. Taste a cheese We love (Hooks 15 year old cheddar, oh my) and it gets a SWI thumbs up.

Here’s some SWI “research” We’ll be doing in the next couple of weeks (can We write them off on our taxes?):

  • There’s a don’t miss tasting of Sherry, Port, and Madeira at K&L Hollywood on Saturday, December 4. It’s an awesome opportunity to taste through some unusual wines that many of us don’t know enough about. I’m a huge fan of the salty, nutty, oxidized flavors found in some Sherries and Madeiras and the right Port can me weak in the knees. It’s going to be a tasty, educational afternoon.
  • Next weekend there is a great event happening in Sonoma: The Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. It’s a chance to have some big belly laughs and drink excellent wine–all so kids can drink clean water (sounds like a sacrifice We can make). The cool folks at Mutineer know how to throw a party and that handsome, suave Dos Equis dude is going to be there too. His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body.
  • And keeping in the wino theme, The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles has put together an intriguing modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing with Center Theatre Group. The production is set in a California vineyard, the cast sings Lyle Lovett tunes, grapes are stomped…and trickery, love-making, and laughs ensue. (Sounds like my place a couple of nights ago.) Really looking forward to catching the show with D & M in a couple of weeks. And where, or where shall we go for a little pre-game cocktail? And how about for the post?

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