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Yes, We had a ‘gorgeas’ stay

Rain again this weekend, L.A.? Sigh. Longing for last weekend’s Palm Springs getaway.

Getting out of town was tough– holiday traffic in the rain. It got dull, it got irritating. And We don’t smoke anymore, so it got a little anxious too. We asked the car, via voice command for an alternate route on GPS. A game begins. And so does the tweeting.

The charm of the game wore off. The puppy napped in the back, We stared at brake lights in front. Finally traffic started to ease up and We were cruising.

Within a few minutes We got to The Ace, our desert oasis for the long weekend. We stumbled out of the car into the rain, and rushed into the lobby.

While We’re checking in, the “PRIVATE” door opens behind the front desk, dude walks out in a hurry, interrupts our helpful check-in guy: “Jen just called from Portland. A couple of people Tweeted from the road. They’re rolling in from L.A. and they’re ready to party.”

Wait. What did you just say?

That’s Us.

What We didn’t realize is that moments earlier We had received this @ reply:


As We arrived to the room, so did cocktails. Yes, We love The Ace Hotel.

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Taste Memory: September 6, 2004

Years before He and I hooked up and started Swirl Smell Slurp we both had personal blogs. Wine was not my focus (shoes, booze, books, art, and a diary I found in an alley were– and still are), but mini wine reviews would pop-up. I’m always game to try something new, but I still seek out these bottles I wrote about all those years ago. Here’s a taste.


Today is so about sunshine, last night’s messy hair, short shorts, flip flops, laughter, and firing up the Weber.

Hey, skip the beer and go for wine at the bbq.

The perfect breakfast wine: 2003 Moscato d’Asti, Rivetti. A slightly sweet, low alcohol sparkler with nice quenching acidity, floral notes, and mellow pear and melon flavors.

Which is my la-ti-da way of saying it’s really effin’ good.

The perfect grilling wine: 2003 Sauvignon Blanc, Thelema Mountain Vineyards (South Africa). It’s like licking a wet rock. Minerals, bracing acid, and oh-so-fresh and clean with notes of cut grass, granny smith apple, lemon.

Cheers, big ears.