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Our happy hour

Friday night happy hour here: a fluffy, rich Boucheron and a crisp Ugni Blanc? Yes please.

Get the wine and cheese (in LA) here. Get the playful plaque (anywhere) here.

it’s Gott gusto

Last night we were running late for Our surf and turf date and were also low on wine, so on the way to dinner We dashed into Beachwood Market, hoping to find a skirt steak friendly wine. Typically We avoid buying wine in a grocery store (even if Beachwood Market is a favorite, finally curated market) and seek out independent wine shops and their staff’s expertise, but sometimes you just gotta go for convenience.

Our pick: 2008 Joe Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine turned out to be an excellent fit for the casual, festive vibe of our super-delicious meal. It’s easy drinking, jammy, and a bit tart. The char from the grill on those lovely pieces of meat and the mocha-like flavors and spice of the wine were a nice combo. And the wine was $13.95, so it felt appropriately priced. Cheers.

we get sick of reading wine reviews too, so let’s just get straight to the point:

If you follow Us on Facebook, you’ve already seen this two word wine review…but it’s worth repeating.

It’s Spring! It’s rosé season! This is a great one!

Seek it out. We found our bottle at Domaine LA.

(The descriptive playful plaque is courtesy of Her and is available at Her Etsy store.)

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