Articles from August 2011


Tried these 3 sparklers last weekend with friends. We’ve been looking for a nice crisp, not too sweet, with lots of bubbles base for making sparkling aperitifs. Out of this round the Atmospheres was my pick. Guests seemed to really like the German Gilabert, its nose was off putting to me but I agreed it was tasty. The Cava Bien was lovely, but too sweet for our purpose. All delicious and all from a fave local shop: Domaine LA.


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Maybe it really is time to get a 9-5

…if this is what’s in the water cooler. Or, maybe this:

…and if The Jerk is our co-worker. Or wait. Is he already?

Anyway, it may not be traditional toiling, but We’ve both been busy at work at our unconventional jobs. This is good (for the wine budget). And this is bad (for the wine blog).

Exciting, fresh content coming. Later.

And don’t you think there needs to be a combo of these two wine cooler concepts? A three jug option: bubbles, white, and red. Or maybe four: rosé. Oh, oh. Five: something sweet. And beer for when you need a break. And I guess: water.


United Slurps of America: road trip edition

After a hiatus of slurpin’ the states, We’re back on the task, tasting these five bottles We picked up while driving through the Midwest. Wish Us (and our palates) luck. Stay tuned for the He said / She said reviews next week.

Wait, Elderberry wine?