Grains vs. Grapes

(Note: “drinks with friends” is an occasional guest column written by folks we like to booze with. This time around it is Robyn Wescott, a stellar designer, art director, copywriter and all around cool chick. Recently we got talking about His new found fondness of beer and Robyn revealed she too had been skipping wine and belling up for a brew instead.)

How is it possible to go from wine as a god for your heart, to a wine atheist? What chemical etched a new groove inside my brain and took a side? Looks like my recent bout with severe food poisoning flipped a switch and turned off the wine gene. That very same switch also illuminated my path to vegetarianism. I have been reprogrammed!

Blogs show that in some cases extreme diet change, such as those following Atkins, have lost their desire for wine. Have the toxins escaped, leaving less room for tolerance? Turns out a bacterial infection was the game changer for me.

Swinging from grapes to grains (suddenly beer, which always seemed like a cheap substitute), sounds so refreshing and appealing.

Luckily there is a growing trend towards beer. U.S. breweries have expanded in volume over the last five years, confirming that the craft brew has changed the face of American beer. Perhaps wine has had her day, and beer, which was once considered inferior by some, can be ordered at dinner without hesitation. More than once when I was out and about recently, our table was encouraged to try the impressive selection of microbrews as well as the wine.

Sausage and burger joints are appearing all over L.A., and restaurants now offer a beer flight happy hour, with dessert beers that round off the night.

But I still love the idea of wine. Cooking, tasting, the time it takes to explore the taste and all its complexities.

And yet, the opposite is what I like about beer. It’s easier. Having a beer can be a more relaxing experience because you’re not under any pressure to know its provenance. You just pop the top and enjoy. And with the way people are pulling back on finances these days, easier on your wallet as well.

I’m open. Beer just sounds like fun again. Here’s to the house parties that host tastings, and the new simplicities of this experience. The perfect parings of beer, with fun casual food, like chili, chips, Mexican, and Thai.

Step aside wine snobs. Make room for a tall cold one.

– Robyn Westcott, beer advocate newbie

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  1. Kovas says:

    And there are so many damn good beers out there now! Enjoy.

  2. Ali says:

    I’ve always been a wine lover, followed by tequila. Beer? Not so much…but you have convinced me to broaden my horizons! A burger and beer does sound kind of good…

  3. Guy Maisnik says:

    Wine is fine, but beer is dear!

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