'Wine Web Wednesdays'

Wine Web Wednesdays

Hall of Famer Randall Grahm, we’ll see you in a couple of days; Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving. Image courtesy of Ron Wurzer/Special to The Chronicle, 2007.

He gets around: Tupac on a wine blog. We approve.

Maybe we will become a hip hop wine blog: Lil Jon is making wine, bitches.

Great idea: but maybe say “inexpensive” or “value” wines. That’s just our cheap $0.02

De Stijl-ed Wine: Great minimalist wine labels.

Gift Guide: If you happen to be friends with the Jetsons.

Wine Web Wednesdays

domaine LA, a new store in Hollywood that has good design and wine, definitely in concert with our approach.

Will Blog for Blag.

McSweeney’s has a wine column, err, sort of.

The Future of wine writing: no we don’t want your job. Umm, but out of curiosity, how much does it pay?

Happy Chianti: Visual comparison of wine education in Italy and the US.

But do we get to kill anyone and steal their car? Another new wine video game.

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Wine Web Wednesdays

Bottles on the table at our favorite restaurant.

We agree, stop saying “trading down”.

The natural wine dialog continues via texting and tweeting.

Hey, nice package.  And nice typography.

Phonetic wine labeling:  we reel-e luv this deezine.

Tastemaker George Cossette:  Our favorite neighborhood pusher.

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Wine Web Wednesdays

Native Food & Wine is in New Zealand, and we are jealous.

Drinking & Driving:  A great pairing?

Terroir Non Firma:  Are our minds muddied with the idea that territory is too important?

Full Disclosure:  Where in the hell is our free wine?

It’s what’s for dinner: Who doesn’t need a better deviled egg recipe?

Graziagiving Day:  What will you drink with turkey?  55 Degree Wineshop has some ideas.

Perfect for Her 10×10 cottage: Will not be wearing Prada heels when descending.

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