Maybe it really is time to get a 9-5

…if this is what’s in the water cooler. Or, maybe this:

…and if The Jerk is our co-worker. Or wait. Is he already?

Anyway, it may not be traditional toiling, but We’ve both been busy at work at our unconventional jobs. This is good (for the wine budget). And this is bad (for the wine blog).

Exciting, fresh content coming. Later.

And don’t you think there needs to be a combo of these two wine cooler concepts? A three jug option: bubbles, white, and red. Or maybe four: rosé. Oh, oh. Five: something sweet. And beer for when you need a break. And I guess: water.


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United Slurps of America: road trip edition

After a hiatus of slurpin’ the states, We’re back on the task, tasting these five bottles We picked up while driving through the Midwest. Wish Us (and our palates) luck. Stay tuned for the He said / She said reviews next week.

Wait, Elderberry wine?

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Summer Better Than Others

When We first got together, up until about the first year of this blog, neither of us had a steady job. We would sit around by the pool all day drinking wine until it was time to cook dinner and drink more. Ah, those were the days.

Times have changed. Here are a few of the things We have been spending our time on this summer.

She has been working like a madwoman getting ready for her appearance at Unique LA. If you are in LA, you should go check it out this weekend. If you can’t make it to the show, you can also see her stuff in her Etsy shop.

I finally finished the skatepark I have been working on for a long time. It was a collaboration with, The Berrics and the City of LA. You can a watch a video of the opening here.

Thankfully there is still time to relax in the backyard with the dog and some great samples we were sent. (Oh yeah, we also decided to pea gravel the backyard. We shoveled and wheelbarrowed 9.5 tons(!) of gravel from the driveway to the backyard. On one day. It was brutal but it looks great.)

Life is good, but sometimes I really miss being (f)unemployed.

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The first slurp is always so sweet

And the answer to our Twitter question: “Should we start the evening with this or with that?”…the winner is: Aperol Fizz.

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Cork Wallet

I usually wouldn’t write about something as trite as buying a new wallet, but the fact that my new one is made of cork makes it relevant to the wine community. And it’s totally beautiful. The outside is cork, while the inner lining is made from 21 recycled plastic bottles. There is also a removable card holder that really looks and feels like animal skin, but according to Matt & Nat the wallet is 100% vegan. All I know is that it looks equally good in my leather pants or in the interior pocket of my full-length fur coat.


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Our happy hour

Friday night happy hour here: a fluffy, rich Boucheron and a crisp Ugni Blanc? Yes please.

Get the wine and cheese (in LA) here. Get the playful plaque (anywhere) here.

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it’s Gott gusto

Last night we were running late for Our surf and turf date and were also low on wine, so on the way to dinner We dashed into Beachwood Market, hoping to find a skirt steak friendly wine. Typically We avoid buying wine in a grocery store (even if Beachwood Market is a favorite, finally curated market) and seek out independent wine shops and their staff’s expertise, but sometimes you just gotta go for convenience.

Our pick: 2008 Joe Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine turned out to be an excellent fit for the casual, festive vibe of our super-delicious meal. It’s easy drinking, jammy, and a bit tart. The char from the grill on those lovely pieces of meat and the mocha-like flavors and spice of the wine were a nice combo. And the wine was $13.95, so it felt appropriately priced. Cheers.

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we get sick of reading wine reviews too, so let’s just get straight to the point:

If you follow Us on Facebook, you’ve already seen this two word wine review…but it’s worth repeating.

It’s Spring! It’s rosé season! This is a great one!

Seek it out. We found our bottle at Domaine LA.

(The descriptive playful plaque is courtesy of Her and is available at Her Etsy store.)

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The Search

Last week She took me to the emergency room at 4:00 AM with pain I can only describe as a devil dog trying to claw and bite his way out of my lower left abdominal area. After a few quick internet searches to find out which side of my body my spleen and appendix were on, I was all but convinced I would have to queue up for a liver transplant. A few intravenous drugs and a CAT Scan later, it was determined that I was passing a 5 millimeter kidney stone. I’m no whiz with the metric system, but from my skateboarding days I knew there was a big difference in 50 mm wheels and 55 mm wheels.

When I was released from the ER, my doctor gave me a list of things to do and not do, listed here from memory:

  • Do not drink soda or ingest caramel coloring (check, don’t really do that)
  • Don’t eat a super high protein diet (umm, We have been fad dieting and eating almost nothing but eggs and meat)
  • Don’t drink too much coffee (one cup in the morning, that’s it)
  • Don’t eat too many rich, leafy greens (I’ve been eating the fuck out of kale, swiss chard and romain…how could this be bad for me? Being healthy is weird.
  • And finally: Don’t drink grapefruit juice.

I had to laugh (even though that really hurts in the kidney) at that last one. I used to be a big bourbon/scotch/whiskey drinker. I switched to vodka because it seemed, umm, healthier. I decided on greyhounds because they are tasty and I thought that grapefruit juice almost made it a health drink. I’ve literally had like a million gallons of grapefruit juice over the past 6 months.

Well, because of drinking healthy, I now had a 5 mm asteroid floating through my organs. In addition to modifying the fad diet, I needed to find a new goto drink. I can’t drink too many acidic drinks, so even though I love gin and vodka, all the mixers I like with them are acid heavy. It’s back to whiskey. I wanted something classic and without much hullaballoo. Straight whiskey is great, but as I told her, I don’t want to be fucked up at 8 PM. I also don’t want to much muddling and grinding and searching for sugar packets and herbs and fruit–and definitely no celery (or rich leafy greens, because remember they are terrible for you).

She recommended the Perfect Manhattan. Nice, I thought. I like Manhattans, and the sweet & dry Vermouths cut the bourbon (or rye whiskey) nicely. I am experimenting with one (ok, four) of them tonight. So far, so good. I think this may be my new drink of choice.

Now to find the perfect highball glass…


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The most undervalued, underappreciated wine in the world?

A favorite aperitif wine? A super cold Manzanilla sherry served in a delicate tulip glass. A few sips of this bone-dry and briny wine with a some nibbles of Marcona almonds: perfection. So pleased to read that Eric Asimov agrees and that there has been a surge in sherry’s popularity.

Tonight, flipping through an October 1952 issue of House & Garden, I came across an ad for sherry… from New York. Check it out below (and two others I couldn’t help but include. Did you know in the 1950′s Asti was the second most visited destination in California, after Disneyland? Me neither, but Wikipedia says so.)

And as an aside, Why? you may ask, was I flipping through a 1952 edition of House & Garden? Looking for inspiration for some art-making, of course. We both have been quite busy lately creating. Check out my online gallery here, and if you’re in L.A. next week, come to the opening of Mock Ups, a show He is featured in. Free wine in plastic cups. We may smuggle in a bottle of sherry.



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