Quiz Answered: Tiny Bubbles

These quizzes, when I am in a good mood, are really fun. Today I am in a good mood. Today this quiz was fun. I answered Her questions immediately after reading the chapter, but still confused and/or forgot a couple of things. I, of course, have drunk loads of bubbly in my life, but really never knew much about its production, history or anything. Oh yeah, did you know that early Champagne glasses were molded from Helen of Troy’s titty? And later molded from Marie Antoinette’s frontjunk? According to historians, Marie had bigger titties. Which makes me wonder about the phallic shape of modern Champagne flutes. I wonder what historical figure’s cock penis these were molded from. My money is on Louis XIV. Or maybe Rasputin, that’s at least a Magnum.

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Wine Web Wednesdays

At a crossroads while wine tasting in Grapevine, Texas.

And speaking of Texas, hooch is illegal? Don’t tell that to the cowboy who gave me homemade Sotol and Absinthe out of the back of his truck in Marfa.

We don’t hunt the obits for opportunities, but this sure perfect timing: we’re looking to expand our cellar. Anyone have half a mil we can borrow?

“Birthdays was the worst days. Now we drink Champagne when we thirs-tay.”

We’re not the only ones who found that the truth is inside.

Rosés are red…err, pink. Waxing poetic.

The answer is easy: She likes it when I pull it out. Of the cellar.

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