Wine Web Wednesdays: Fermentation Emancipation

We had not thought (or cared) much about wine shipping laws until We began United Slurps of America. Now we realize it could be a huge thorn in the side of our project. Neither of Us are law experts, but I assume this law is in place to “protect” those under 21; or an outdated holdover law from the days of prohibition. But common sense says that this is stifling small winemakers in states with tougher shipping laws. And really, just require a damn signature and ID to accept the shipment. Isn’t it just that easy? Our conversation went something like this:

She said: Frankly, I don’t think teenagers are searching out obscure varietals from small artisan wineries out of state to get fucked-up on.

He said: Right, that’s for us adults to do.

Here are some links to people who understand this issue a little bit better than Us.

Tom Wark’s Manifesto: It’s long, but read it. Really do.

Hungover Bureaucracy: “PA’s disgraceful liquor laws.” We actually had no problem with getting wine from PA.

Free The Grapes: Get involved, sign the petition.

Wine Without Borders: Really all the info you will ever need.

Bookmark This Link: If you decide you want to break any of these laws.

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Weekly Hangover

At the end of (almost) every week He summarizes what He has learned. Or just rambles on about things he wants to write about that may or may not be directly related to His wine education or even wine.

First and foremost this week I learned that Pennsylvania makes some damn good wine.

Accolades make us feel good. Gosh darnit, people like us.

Architecture for Worms. I have designed a restaurant, a few houses, and currently working on a 10-acre park. But the prospective project that has me the most excited is designing a custom worm-composting bin. My worm guy told me that he has clients that would just love to have a custom worm bin–and would definitely pay for it. File under: Only in LA.

This part is only for super-rich people, those with an annual income less than $2 Million can skip to the next paragraph. She and I are also designing a super hi-tech wine-cellar-pod. It is awesome. It is digital. It does everything. We need investors. Our super-rich readers should send along qualifications and at least 16 references with last names I recognize.

United Slurps of America is underway. These fine bloggers from these fine states are (we hope) on board:

That leaves 39 states unaccounted for. If you want to join us, by all means contact us.

Some Laws are Meant to be Broken. The other sentence that I could potentially put in bold is “Welcome to our naiveté.” We thought of United Slurps of America the same way We think of most of Our ideas; over a glass of wine with one of us saying to the other, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…..?” These conversations hardly ever include anything as boring (or practical) as wine shipping laws. So far, so good. But supposedly Georgia is a bitch. She looked up the laws yesterday and tried to read them to me, and I got bored quickly as I do whenever I hear any legalese. What I’m saying is this: We need a mule to transport winedrugs from certain states to a certain state. If interested, We will supply (but not apply) the proper lubrication.

Moving up the Google ladder. Probably due to the previously mentioned accolades we have shot up to the top (almost) of search results for “wine blog” and “wine blogs.” Please don’t take this as self-horn-tooting, until last week we were buried deep on page 13 of the results somewhere between a parenting “whine blog” and something called a “Marvin Shanken.” Not that I even check things like this (hourly). Anyhow, toot toot.

I’m just sayin’. The 2010 Wine Blog Awards will be accepting nominations on April 1st. They have, ahem, added a new category: Best New Wine Blog.

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