List w/o Commentary: two days of indulgent eats/drinks

Tuesday breakfast:

  • Us: French roast coffee (on stove top percolator)

Tuesday lunch:

  • Him: 6 inch turkey and Swiss cheese on Italian bread with light mayo (at Subway)
  • Her: salad leftover from night before with Krugermann’s pickles (at Her house)

Tuesday night dinner at Canelé:

  • Us: Chateau Cadillac, Bordeaux Superieur 2006
  • Us: L. Preston, Red Table Wine, 2006
  • Us: “Friends Cook at Canelé” with guest chefs Samantha Peale and Michelle Huneven, featuring bleeding beets and soft lettuce salad; skirt steak, white beans, greens, and roasted corn; boysenberry pie with cinnamon ice cream

Tuesday night nightcap:

  • Us: Cactus cooler, Skyy vodka, and lime cocktails (at Her house)

Wednesday breakfast:

  • Us: French roast coffee (on stove top percolator)

Wednesday afternoon lunch at Little Next Door

  • Us: Chateau Haut-Rian, Bordeaux Blanc 2009
  • Us: Mediterranean Spread: baby artichoke dip, romesco, hummus, tatziki, greens, pita
  • Him: Croque Madame
  • Her: Smoked chicken salad sandwich

Wednesday evening aperitif:

Wednesday dinner:

  • tbd

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Voir-vous ce soir à Canele

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Please Join Us At These 2 Events

Swirl Smell Slurp Sunday Salon: February 21 at 2:00p

Join us in a casual, unpretentious setting as we learn about, discuss, and (most importantly) taste wine: Swirl Smell Slurp Sunday Salon (it’s a mouthful).

The Salon is free, We just ask that you bring a bottle of wine from the varietal/region we are discussing. There is no need to spend an exorbitant amount on a bottle, We recommend $20 or less.

For this edition of the Salon we will be slurping red Bordeaux.

Please RSVP to and We will send you details and directions. (Space is limited to 14 guests.) Informative print-outs, glassware, and light snacks provided.

Friends Cook at Canelé: Swirl Smell Slurp: February 23 5:30p – 10:30p

It’s going to be a delicious night at our favorite neighborhood restaurant: Swirl Smell Slurp are the latest guests in the “Friends Cook at Canelé” series.

We will be donning our aprons and manning the stoves (with a lot of help from their amazing team), cooking up a prix fixe menu of:
– frisée aux lardons to start
–steaks frites for the main course
–profiteroles for a desert

In addition to this great meal, a wine pairing will be offered, with a specially chosen wine for each course from the tasty portfolio of Vintage Wine Marketing.

In the spirit of our French bistro theme, Steve Ventrello is making a guest appearance and will be playing the accordion.

Please join us–it’s going to be a delectable night.

(Canelé will also be serving the normal dinner menu. No reservations are required: simply come when you please, anytime between 5:30-10:00p. Price for the prix fixe and the wine pairing will be announced soon.)

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