Vive la mode

While I’m bundled up inside, staring out at gray skies on this surprisingly gloomy day in Hollywood, He is in hot and humid Atlanta on a quick, last minute trip involving skateboarding and architecting (a couple of His other favorite things).

My frig and wine rack are stocked with some very tempting bottles and I am doing my best not to pop open too many before He returns to town.

After our international wine marathon on Wednesday (see previous post–whew that was a day), We took a couple of days off from wine. But We did enjoy free cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon at our friend Redda’s book release party. Yes, Pabst. And: Yes, it was in Echo Park. And: Yes Shepard Fairey was the dj. And: Yes there were some famous people there. And: Yes, sometimes We are hipsters. (And: Yes, you should buy Reda’s book.)

There’s nothing like cheap beer (even if it is free) that makes you appreciate wine even more. Here’s what We have coming up this week:

  • United Slurps of America is back after a bye week, featuring North Carolina with the wines (and one cider) of McRitchie Winery and Ciderworks. We’re excited to be co-blogging the post with Josh Sweeney of Wine(Explored).
  • All this talk about box wine has peaked our interest…and wouldn’t you know it, We got sent some samples. We’ll be adding our two cents worth about this not-so-new trend (I remember siphoning off sips from a box of white in my mother’s refrigerator when I was like eleven).
  • We’ve also received some really interesting sounding wine from Santorini. And I wish We were in Santorini to slurp it, but We’ll probably end up tasting it in my backyard. Which is kind of like paradise in its own right. As a preview, check out Benito’s review and very tasting looking meal he paired it with. It will be interesting to see how our own notes compare.

In the meantime, here are some terrific sort-of-wine-related photographs by one of my fave fashion photogs Jurgen Teller in W magazine. I came across them today while working on an art project; I’ve loved these images since I first saw them– in 2002. And: Yes, I have stacks and stacks of magazines in my studio that are that old. And: Yes, I decided to leave out the semi-nude. But trust me, it’s a fantastic photograph.

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