Wine Web Wednesdays: A List of Lists

Something else happened today that has the web buzzing, but we like a wine buzz much more. (Pretty nice looking tablet, but I’m just not sure how “necessary” it is–and I already pay for internet at home, and a lot for my iPhone data plan, I don’t really want another monthly internet bill. We’ll see). Photo from the totally geeky, but entertaining, liveblog of the event at Engadget.

1. Where is wine going in the next decade?: Other than in my mouth, I’m not sure. But Harmon Skurnik might know.

2. Shameless self-promotion #1:  10 of the top wine blogs. We are in pretty good company, and please don’t hesitate to have us over for dinner–as long as your parents are away.

3. Shameless self-promotion #2: The 9 best new food & drink blogs of 2009. Thanks guys, drinks are on us.

4. Trick or Tweet:  There are a lot of things I hate about Twitter. Drink Nectar illustrates how you guys can make me hate it less.

5. Bourboulenc + Verdelho = Bourdelho: Goes great with crabs.

6. Do you know the importance of a Skypager?: Totally unrelated to wine, but a list I love. My friend and best-producer-in-the-history-of-hip-hop, Dante Ross lists some forgotten hip-hop accessories.

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