Weekly Hangover

wine-brainEvery Friday, I will summarize what I have learned that week.  This week we have strayed a little from the studying (reading wine books and drinking wine) because we have been dealing with CSS-BS, and of course getting our Twitter & Facebook pages up and running.  We are still working out the kinks, but it’s really almost there.  I did learn a few things this week:

Cabernet Franc is a red grape, duh.

I would have liked to have met Didier Dagueneau, but I’ll have to settle for drinking one of his Pouilly-Fumés.

I watched Bottle Shock.  I knew of the “Judgement of Paris“, but not in any detail.  It piqued my interest, so I read a bunch of websites.

OK, someone clear this up for me.  When opening wine do you cut the foil:hereorhere

We will get back to the books next week.  Today we are off on a field trip to the San Antonio Winery, look for our write-up next week on “Field Trip Fridays”.  Cheers.

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In response to her previous post:

I am a huge proponent of education by repetition.  To a wine newbie like myself (and millions of others) it isn’t inherent knowledge to know what grapes are the primary grapes of which regions.  To me, it is one of the most confusing aspects of wine.  But really fun to learn.  So, teacher, here are your answers:

“What are the three major white wine grapes of Loire Valley?”
Sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc & Cabernet Franc.

“What is the difference between Pouilly-Fumé and Pouilly-Fuissé?”
Pouilly-Fumé is an AOC in the Loire Valley which produces Sauvignon blanc, Pouilly-Fuissé is Burgundy and therefore Chardonnay.

“What is the major white wine grape of Bordeaux?”
Sauvignon blanc.

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