Tried these 3 sparklers last weekend with friends. We’ve been looking for a nice crisp, not too sweet, with lots of bubbles base for making sparkling aperitifs. Out of this round the Atmospheres was my pick. Guests seemed to really like the German Gilabert, its nose was off putting to me but I agreed it was tasty. The Cava Bien was lovely, but too sweet for our purpose. All delicious and all from a fave local shop: Domaine LA.


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Cocktails of and for the common people

Oh the delights of a Floc Fizz with friends on a fine Summer evening. A simple and inexpensive drink that is a bubbly, fruity, quenching delight. Love it.

The Floc de Gascogne was left alone, served as an aperitif in a little glass at Church & State. I snapped this picture a few weeks ago of their Sunday supper menu. If the food wasn’t so good and the wine pairings not so spot on, We’d file it under “fail,” for (hopefully) obvious reasons. It makes me laugh, how poorly designed the menu is. And printed on copier paper, no less. And what’s with the way the wines are listed? Zind Humbrecht is a maker, not a region or even a wine. Am I a snob? Absolutely. Or, Maybe. Did I love the dinner and the wine, Oh yes, I did.

Things like this are all about context. Church & State is delightful. The menu design is dreadful. The French bistro and its menu don’t mesh.

A couple of weekends later We went to a swell French themed birthday party on the East-side (Our favorite side, the East-side). A rakish young man wore velvet culottes. The birthday girl had powdered Marie Antoinette hair. Macaroons, minted radish sandwiches, cheese, shimmering crystal glasses, gold-toned forks. It was all very c’est bon and trés chic.

There was even a French person present. Well he’s not really French, but grew up there, is fluent, and says “pfffft” a lot. I’ve known P for years and he is a dear friend. And a complete wine snob. That said, he always brings delicious wines to a party (and then kind of hoards the bottles, deciding who gets tiny pours in their glass). Naturally I gravitated towards him and had some divine sips of of a pale salmon-toned rosé.

Conversation turned to wine, of course. A new-found friend (or savvy party guest who figured out who had the good stuff) asked about Our involvement in wine. I mentioned Our tongue twister blog, Swirl Smell Slurp and how We—P interrupted me and said, “They’re wine populists.”

Yes, this is the best back-handed compliment We’ve ever received.

The rosé went too quick. And I got sick of the wine talk. (I like to drink it and share it with friends at a party, not spend too long pondering it…is this the definition of a wine populist?)

I left the group and made my way over to the liquor table. It was eclectic: a bottle of Scotch, a bottle of cheap gin, a few limes, Trader Joe’s Prosecco, and Barefoot sparkling Moscato.

I quickly made a quick, quasi French 75. It was delicious. I shared sips with my populist partner and a few curious lookers-on. And then I went back to the table and made several more. I do love to share a boozy, fizzy drink on a fine Summer evening.

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