“Bacchus & Me” and I

Aside from a slew of guidebooks and The Omnivore’s Dilemma on CD, I brought 2 books to read on the trip: Bacchus and Me and Wine and War. Initially I was reading Wine and War and really it is just OK. I’m gonna give it more of a chance, but I’m 50 pages in and I haven’t been hooked yet.

Opposite for Bacchus & Me. It’s a rather quick read (I’m more than halfway done in 2 short pre-sleep sessions). I love McInerney’s writing. I always have. I like it even more when he is writing about wine. My favorite quote thus far:

When writing Grüner Veltliner as the perfect vegetarian wine:

“Like girls and boys locked away in same-sex prep schools, most wines yearn for a bit of flesh.”

I really enjoy the laid-back (though intelligent) way the book is written; the wine comparisons to Lennon & McCartney, admitting he gets too drunk to sometimes remember the details, and of course I always appreciate a reference to Prada shoes or suits.

And I learned something. McInerney posits that German and Austrian labels are notoriously confusing.  Yesterday when wine tasting I saw the term Kabinett on a bottle of Austrian Gewürtztraminer, I knew what it meant.

But who is this Helen Turley person that McInerney seems to be so gaga about?

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Weekly Hangover

At the end of every week He summarizes what He has learned. Or just rambles on about things he wants to write about that may or may not be directly related to His wine education.

When buying inexpensive (err, cheap) wine from your local corner liquor store, you win some & you lose some.

A couple of weeks ago we watched How It’s Made on the Science Channel. The episode included cork, from sustainable farming practices to production. Upon more research, it turns out actual cork is more ecological than the synthetics. Also learned this week: Three bottles with synthetic corks will leak all over your fucking refrigerator.

So, She gave me a little sneaky Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay challenge this week. I didn’t do as well as I hoped. But c’mon. An Australian SB? I don’t know that I have ever even had one before. And that other one that tasted like genocide? I prefer SB to Chardonnay, but those were confusing and gross, respectively.

Only $24.95 for the most useless product ever, a screwcap wine opener. Is that an image of Kid Rock on their site? Is he their pitchman?  I swear to go if this thing makes money…

And finally, the Silverlake Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is open. So nice to have a branch just down the street from me. It’s small, but pleasant and you can go online and have any book in the LAPL sent to you. Currently in transit: WineWise, A Hedonist in the Cellar: Adventures in Wine, The Geography of Wine: How Landscapes, Cultures, Terroir, and the Weather Make a Good Drop, Noble Rot: A Bordeaux Wine Revolution, Bacchus and Me: Adventures in the Wine Cellar, and Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure.

I need some Advil, see you next week.

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